Why Car Insurance Is Important During Monsoon?

Monsoon is among the best periods of time in India. After a long and intense summer, the first rain brings every person a sense of relief and joy. However, along with the joy, rains also bring a lot of troubles as well. In India, rains cause a lot of problems that can sour your experience. In a country like India, the rain can cause a lot of issues like road filled with potholes, halting of construction work, etc. Due to the high number of issues, most people must adjust their lifestyle.

Out of all the problems that may happen during monsoons, issues with your car are the last thing you would be worried about. But, car issues due to rains are quite common. In India, rains often lead to poor road conditions and difficulties in maintaining roads. Driving in such conditions elevate the chances of getting into an accident. In such a situation, you should have enough support for repairs to your car after an accident. A comprehensive car insurance policy is a good way to be prepared and car insurance app helps you to make claim easily and you can renew your policy online.

Risks to cars in monsoons


In urban or densely populated areas like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, etc., rains often bring with them water logging and flooding. This phenomenon has been a common occurrence over the last 25 years. As the amenities on Indian roads are often in poor condition already, rains make the problem go from bad to worse. For example, potholes occur all year round. However, with rains they develop much faster and are harder to notice while driving. Similarly, a lot of regions of India, there is a chance of flooding all year round. However, during rains, these chances get much higher.

Moreover, waterlogging and flooding can cause damage to your car even if you are not using it. With heavy flooding a common occurrence, vehicle often end up submerged in water while being parked too. Hence, your car is compromised in the rains whether you use it or not. In such a situation, the engine, exhaust pie, fuel tanker and some other parts of the car are at risk. Hence, you should have a good car insurance policy that covers all these types of damages.

Driving wear and tear

Driving on poorly maintained roads is hard enough during other times of the year. However, adding the effects of rains to the equation makes driving even more stressful. This stress comes from difficulty in driving the car on roads that have been affected by rains. Your car needs to be in perfect shape to take the stress of driving on slippery roads. For example, your tires would need to be in optimum condition. A worn-out tire can cause the car to lose its grip on the road. In the case of a flat tire, you must always carry a flat tire with you.

There are many other components of the car that you need to check. These components include headlights, taillights, parking lights, brakes, emergency lights, and indicators. All these components are essential while driving and hence, should be taken care of. In the case that any problems with your vehicle occur during the rains, you should have a car insurance policy to assist you.

Hydrostatic lock

Hydrostatic lock is an extremely dangerous occurrence for a car. It is essentially when water goes into the car’s engine and causes the car to be inoperable. By affecting the engine, the water also affects other crucial components of the car like the carburetor, exhaust pipe, electricals, battery, along with many more. This is a heavy amount of damage that can happen to your car during monsoons. In such a situation, you will need car insurance to help you with the repairs of the car.

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