Where Can I Find Targets for a Small to Mid-Cap Investment Fund?

As the manager of a small to a mid-cap investment fund, you face some enormous challenges as you build the future of your investment and your company. You work hard to identify the best and most promising opportunities, only to find that for every 100 to 200 such opportunities you identify you might only close one or two. You find that your marketing budget will only stretch so far and that many of those dollars are wasted in chasing down leads that simply do not pan out.

You worry that the talent you have so carefully nurtured is not being used to its maximum potential and that the expertise your staff brings to their jobs is going to waste. You worry that the extremely low hit ratio of 0.5% to 1.0% is simply not sustainable and that your firm will not be able to survive, let alone thrive, in such a difficult and highly competitive environment.

Many investment managers overseeing small to mid-cap investment funds do not even know where they can find realistic targets for their investments. They may not know how to optimize their operations, or how to properly assess and vet the opportunity flow that does come their way.

These are some of the most intractable and difficult challenges the managers of small to mid-cap investment funds have faced, but now those managers have a better solution at their disposal. Thanks to a new fintech startup, those investment managers now have a platform they can use, one that can provide the kinds of metrics and measurements that make a difference, even in today’s increasingly competitive investment market.

The new AQCON M&A deal origination platform is able to provide its clients with a large and ever-increasing number of investment opportunities. By doing the hard and difficult work on behalf of their clients, the platform is able to break those investment opportunities down into actionable categories, making it even simpler for clients to pick and choose the ones that are the best match for their firms and their funds.

On the AQCON platform, clients will find a steady stream of investment opportunities, all broken down among various sectors. In vetting and assessing these investment opportunities fund managers can see all the key metrics at a glance, allowing them to maximize their time and the talents of their team and saving them a great deal of money in the process.

Investment managers can also assess potential investment opportunities based on the country and geographical location, a big advantage for small and mid-cap funds that specialize in various regions around the world. Managers can even choose their opportunity flow based on size, another big benefit in an increasingly difficult and highly competitive environment.

By helping to ensure that every investment opportunity is a good fit, we are able to help our clients in a way that the traditional approach simply cannot. If you would like to learn more about our unique process, we invite you to contact us today.

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