Travelling With Your Parents? Here’s Why You Should Invest in a Travel Insurance Plan

Oftentimes retirement is a golden period when we have lots of time and sufficient amounts of money in our bank accounts to be able to travel wherever we want. When we are living our professional lives or building a career, it is difficult to get time out to travel and a lot of us crave for that for decades. For many of us that is a stage of life our parents are in. It is also a time we can actually enjoy with our parents and have some much needed quality time and family bonding with travelling where they want to.


When travelling with our parents, it is a smart idea to invest in a travel insurance plan specially for them. One might wonder if we really need to, but there are a number of benefits your parents would get if you have travel insurance for senior citizens ready for them. Let’s explore these travel insurance plan advantages in this article – 


·         Many travel insurance plans for senior citizens offer cashless benefits in case something happens and the elderly person needs to be hospitalized. 

·         These plans have provision for loss – if you lose your important documents including your passport, lose or misplace your checked-in baggage, then the travel insurance for senior citizens will cover for those losses. 

·         You can also avail medical caretaker services for your parents. It is provided by few insurance companies.

·         One also gets compassionate benefits, so in case the insured is hospitalized for more than a specific time duration, the expenses of the visiting family members will also be covered in the plan.

·         In case there is a permanent disability or accidental death, then adequate compensation is provided. 

·         If there is a case of theft, then this travel insurance will also take care of it. 

·         In case of an extreme emergency situation such as a flight getting hijacked, there is a special distress allowance offered as well.

·         Dental treatment overseas is also covered in this travel insurance plan.  

·         There is also an allowance for medical evacuation to homeland, and repatriation expenses in case of death.

·         Senior citizens get extra tax benefits, whether it is general insurance plans or travel insurance plans. 


Now that you know the benefits of travel insurance for senior citizens, here are some tips for you to keep in mind – Decide on a sum assured with a budget in mind and the health condition of the senior citizen. If you are going to countries like the U.S.A., then choose a higher sum assured since the medical costs there are higher. 

·         Always look for plans that cover cancellation and delays. 

·         Opt for plans that cover pre-existing health conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, etc. You can also buy an add-on cover for critical illness. 

·         If the trip is going to be longer in duration, then include a plan with a medical test, so that you get doctor’s assurance before the trip. 


 Keep these points in mind and ensure that you get a travel insurance plan for your parents when travelling with them. Happy vacationing!

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