Travelling Extensively Throughout the Year? Here’s Why you Must Have Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

Are you a frequent flier? Whether you are a solo traveller or a business executive flying overseas to woo international clients, a travel insurance policy can be immensely helpful if you travel frequently.  Travel insurance provides protection against a variety of risks and dangers that can prop up during your travels and ruin your plans. However, you do not need to purchase a new travel insurance policy every time you leave for a trip. Multi-trip travel insurance can provide coverage to the policyholder in case they are planning for several trips within a specified period in the year.

In this article, we explain how a multi-trip travel insurance policy can prove to be the ultimate travel companion if you are planning to travel throughout the year.

No hassle of buying travel insurance each time

With multi-trip travel insurance, you do not have to undergo the hassle of buying a travel insurance policy each time you leave for a trip. Simply let the insurer know about the details of your journey and the dates within which you plan to travel; the insurer will provide you with a coverage plan accordingly.

Covers loss of passport

If you happen to lose your passport during any of your trips, not only is that particular trip ruined but the trips planned in the near future may also be in jeopardy. Furthermore, you may not be aware of the process required to apply for a new passport in a foreign land. Here, your multi-trip travel insurance can help you out by assisting you in getting a new passport. Apart from that, any expenses you incur in the process of getting the new passport will also be reimbursed.

Covers loss of checked-in baggage 

As a frequent flier, your bag is indeed one of your most important items. Not only does it hold all your belongings, but is also the one thing that is always by your side in your multiple trips. If you were to lose that during the airport check-in, you would suffer a huge loss. A multi-trip travel insurance policy can help you recover your lost checked-in baggage. In case of no recovery, your insurance will most likely reimburse you with the value amount of your belongings.

Provides financial assistance during emergencies

Apart from the situations mentioned above, there are many other instances in which your multi-trip travel insurance policy can aid you financially. For example, if your wallet gets robbed and you lose your cash along with your cards, you can consider your multi-trip travel insurance as your back-up. It ensures that your finances are stable enough for you to sustain your multiple trips throughout the year.

Do bear in mind that the coverage and features of different multi-trip travel insurance plans will differ as per the insurer. One thing is for sure, the convenience of such an insurance policy cannot be ignored. Do be sure to talk to your insurer about their exact coverage before you buy travel insurance. Good luck!

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