Persistent Success: How Mark Hauser Took Hauser Private Equity National

As the founder of Hauser Private Equity, Mark Hauser has spent a non-insignificant portion of his life focused on raising the value of businesses and brands everywhere. Plying his trade for almost four decades has allowed Hauser to foster growth in his company, The Hauser Group, from its origins as a little-known Cincinnati-based firm to its national size and branding that it enjoys today.

Along the way, Hauser has helped grow both his business and his entrepreneurial following through savvy decisions and a focus on how to foster better business relationships. An esteemed entrepreneur in Cincinnati, Hauser took to The Principal Post to share some of the insights that have helped him find a career in such a cutting-edge industry.

Generating Success Through Resource Management

It was the early 90s when Mark Hauser left behind his alma mater, Miami University of Ohio. After graduating with his Bachelor’s Degree in finance, Hauser understood that it was time to put his work to the test by investing in his own efforts. Hauser would spend a short amount of time with Reynolds, DeWitt & Co before setting his sights on the small local insurance company that would grow into Hauser Private Equity.

Targeting a small insurance company, the son of football player Art Hauser would foster the growth of the agency into a national risk management and brokerage firm specializing in the creation of benefits and insurance products. Hauser’s success has been driven in large part by his own tireless work ethic as well as that of his team.

Hauser quotes NHL legend Wayne Gretzky when describing how he operates within the private equity space: “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”

What’s Next For Mark Hauser?

With his eyes firmly set on the future, Hauser believes that the next mega-trend worth paying attention to is that of tech-enabled services within the healthcare sector. Gesturing to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as its impossible-to-deny impact on the world, Hauser believes that there is both profit potential and the potential to do great good within the healthcare sphere.

Prior to his work in the financial field as a private equity investor, Hauser had been most interested in pursuing a career in music or law enforcement. While those jobs may have occupied his younger mind, his focus is uniquely suited to the equity field. Hauser states, ” The best business relationships are those built on mutual respect and a shared vision.”

With regards to his personal life, Hauser likes to focus on crafting unique and loving experiences with those closest to him. When he’s not in a board room or a meeting, Hauser is traveling with his family while they take in skiing, hiking, and other outdoor adventures. At home, Hauser likes to hide behind a glass of wine with some dark chocolate and his wife and three daughters for company.

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