How to recharge Airtel prepaid number

If you are using a prepaid number for the first time, recharging your SIM may initially seem a bit challenging. You may choose from a variety of Airtel prepaid recharge plans to suit your needs. Thanks to digitalization, you have a multitude of options when it comes to recharging your number. The processes are quite simple, and it is easy to adapt to using a prepaid number.

Some of the popular ways to recharge an Airtel prepaid number are:

  1. Airtel Payments Bank

The Airtel Payments Bank is quite versatile in terms of functions. It lets users perform a variety of online payments. You may access it either through the Airtel Thanks app on your smartphone or via the Airtel Payments Bank website. Reputed for enabling highly secure payments, it has already gained a large number of users. You may pick from several options such as net banking, credit card, and debit card to recharge your Airtel Payments Bank. One of the key advantages of this e-wallet is the ease of use and its flexibility. For instance, it is quite easy to switch to roaming options if you travel often.

  1. Paytm

Among the e-wallets popularly used in India, Paytm is one of the most popular. People widely use Paytm to recharge prepaid numbers from various service providers. Whether you use the mobile app or the web portal, Paytm offers a neat user-interface that is quite easy to operate. You may recharge by either just typing in the cost of the Airtel recharge plan you seek or by scrolling through the options. All the plans are available in the form of a list and you can easily browse through them.

  1. Amazon Pay

You might befamiliar with the leading online shopping portal Amazon. This portal comes with an e-wallet function named Amazon Pay. Here, you may transfer money to store and make online payments with ease. However, the use of Amazon Pay is not limited to making payments while shopping on Amazon. You may also use this popular e-wallet to recharge your prepaid number as well. Amazon’s secure servers ensure your safety while performing any payment.

  1. PhonePe

You can use your credit card, debit card, wallet or BHIM UPI to make payments via PhonePe. This e-wallet promises quick transfers and is a convenient way to recharge your prepaid number. It is also possible to pay using the PhonePe gift cards.

  1. Retailers

If you find it too complex to make online payments or it is simply not possible for you as a result of circumstances, you definitely have the option to recharge offline. Just visit your local retailer, check out the Airtel mobile recharge plans and choose a suitable one. Usually, the retailers use one of the mentioned online methods to execute the recharge.

Thus, whether you are aware of the Airtel prepaid recharge offers or not, it is always possible to get your prepaid mobile recharge quite easily. Airtel Payments Bank continues to be the best choice with its easy navigation and ease of recharge.

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