How To Check Airtel Postpaid Bill Via The Website and App

Postpaid mobile service allows you to pay the fee after using the services. Payment options are available on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Moreover, it is important to make the postpaid bill payment before the due date. This will ensure you have an ongoing postpaid connection and avoid late penalties. You may effortlessly make your online bill payment anywhere using the Airtel website or the app.

You can set up an Airtel Payments Bank savings account and start making payments online. Not only that, you can get great discounts, cash back, and vouchers every time you pay your bill through the Airtel Payments Bank. On the Airtel portal,  look up bill payment offers and make the most of the benefits available to you.

Check For Offers and Cashbacks On Airtel Postpaid Bill

You can browse, and avail of the Airtel bill payment offers and plans for postpaid with Airtel Payments Bank by following the steps given below:

Once you’ve checked with the offers, you can go ahead and pay your postpaid bill.


How to Check Airtel Postpaid Bill through the Airtel Payments Bank?

Follow the steps mentioned below to check your Airtel postpaid bill:

  • Go to the Airtel website.
  • Click on Postpaid
  • Fill in your postpaid number
  • Select Airtel as your mobile service operator
  • Click on the Fetch Bill

Another way to check your postpaid bill details online is by dialling *121# from your mobile phone. You will soon receive a reply containing your bill information.

Airtel Postpaid Bill Payment Method

Bill Payment via Website

Step1: Visit the Airtel website and log in

Step2: Tap on the ‘Postpaid‘ tab and provide your mobile number

Step3: Choose the mobile operator from the dropdown menu and set in the amount.

Step4: Select the payment mode and enter the OTP sent on your mobile

Step5: Proceed to complete the postpaid bill payment.


Bill Payment via Airtel Thanks App

Step1: Sign up on the Airtel Thanks app and log in

Step2: Go to the ‘Pay Bills’ tab and select the ‘Mobile’ option

Step3: Fill in your phone number or name

Step4: Choose Airtel as your operator and click ‘Pay Now’

Step5: Enter the desired amount and choose a payment mode

Step6: Provide the OTP sent to your mobile and pay your online postpaid bill payment

What happens when you don’t make your postpaid bill payments on time?

When payments are not made on time, the following are the most likely outcomes:

  • You will be sent reminders to meet your payment dues.
  • Expect a postpaid bill to be mailed to your address, which you can use to pay at a dedicated customer service centre.
  • If you do not pay the bill, your postpaid service might get terminated.

A postpaid connection has numerous advantages. Paying mobile bills online has also become quick and convenient. Hence, it is preferable to make your Airtel postpaid bill payment on time and continue using your mobile services.

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