Four Drawbacks of Hybrid Workforce Method Which May Cause it to Fail And How To Tackle Them

Organizations have come a long way in their journey of inventing new methods to make sure their employees keep working even in the most desperate times. They stop at nothing and it could be a good thing or a bad thing, depend on the way you look at things. Let’s talk about the fact that after the emergence of corona the world was at a standstill for a while but the corporates immediately came up with a strategy to tackle the issue. They came up with the work from home method. This method when met with an onsite check led to the emergence of a new method called the hybrid workforce method.

The method allows a group of individuals who are working at home to connect with another group of individuals who is working at the office or at the site. Together, these two teams ensure the growth of their respective companies by putting in maximum effort to get maximum productivity. The method was devised to ensure that the employees do not have to leave their homes and can continue working in coordination with the in-house team which can commute to the workplace safely.

Despite the idea being noble, there are some reasons because of which the hybrid workforce method might fail big time. These reasons can cost a company its entire fortune simply because the person at home did not want to turn their camera on during an important meeting with a client from another country. It is because of these irresponsible acts of some individuals that you might have to soon pack your bags and go back to the city where your office is located. Some of those reasons which explain why hybrid workforce model can fail and how to tackle them are mentioned here.

Lack of Motivation

When you are working at your home, you are working alone. There is no sense of competition around you because there are no other person who is a part of your league around you. You feel detached with whatever you are doing and eventually you start procrastinating because you lack the motivation to do things. Things which are important and might cost your company an important project. This lack of motivation can be taken care of by staying in continuous touch with your friends and colleagues, breaks can help too.

Indefinitely Long Breaks

It is understandable that every person has a certain capacity to do things and when that capacity reaches its peak, you often tend to take a break. But how long do you think a break should be of. An hour should be more than enough for you to take care of your personal business. If you still need more time then think about the in-house team with which you are asked to coordinate. They do not get breaks longer than they have been assigned because they understand their responsibility towards their work. So, understand your responsibility as well.

Lack of Coordination Among The Teams

It is a frequently occurring problem in this system. Sometimes, due to the network issues and sometimes due to ego. The lack of coordination among the two teams can become a headache for the company because in the end it is the company who is going to bear the loss. However, this can be avoided by interference from the upper management and understanding what is wrong between the two parties. A meeting can be arranged where they can put forward the reason behind their differences and wait for the management to resolve them.


A commonly faced problem which has broken many employment contracts. The reason behind miscommunication here can be the poor connectivity due to location of the person who is working from home. Now, it is not an intentional fault, therefore, it can be excused for a few times but repetition of the same problem might be misinterpreted and lead to the termination of the person in question. The only way to tackle this is either the work from home person should relocate or they should get their network related issues resolved because the company can only do so much for its employees the least it can expect is a stable connection.

So, these were a few reasons why the hybrid workforce model might not be a trustworthy alternative to working from office. The corona virus has already taken a lot from us and you wouldn’t want it to take your jobs away from you. When you would be going back to work after quarantine, you wouldn’t want to know that some of your best friends at work were terminated from your company because of their careless and unprofessional attitude. Educate those friends about the importance of a job in these tough times.

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