6 Ways to Get Cheaper Life Insurance This Year

Ensuring financial security for your family is an important financial responsibility. Investing in financial products such as life insurance can ascertain the financial benefit timely. It will provide a lump sum financial benefit to your family in case of your unexpected death. Your family can utilise the death benefit to clear off debts and reduce the financial burden in your absence. However, choosing an affordable life insurance plan is important to ensure the benefits required. If you are looking for ways to purchase a cheaper term policy this year, here are a few pointers to help you best.

Ways to Get Cheaper Life Insurance

 Here are a few pointers to help you get cheaper life insurance:

  • Compare different term plan options – Life insurance providers in India offer a range of term insurance policies to help suit individual requirements. The premium cost for the term policy will vary based on the features and policy conditions. You can read through different term insurance plans and their flexible features to determine the most affordable option based on your needs.
  • Purchase online – When you purchase the term policy with the help of a brokerage firm, it will increase your cost. Insurers offer various life insurance products online. It avoids unnecessary costs and provides an option to buy cheap life insurance effortlessly. The online process to purchase and avail of the claim is effortless. The online platform is also easy to understand and user-friendly to operate.
  • Choose a longer policy term – One of the best ways to avail of a low price life insurance is to choose a longer policy term. The longer the policy term, the lesser the premium cost. Investing in a term policy early in life will help you choose a longer policy term. At a younger age, your health complications will reduce the premium even further. So, if you have just started your career and are young, you can buy term insurance this year.
  • Avoid unnecessary add-ons – Add-on rider benefits enhance the financial benefits of your life insurance plan. However, it is available at an increased cost. Therefore, analyse the benefits of individual rider benefits of your term plan and purchase only the most important ones. It will provide the required financial benefits and increase the premium cost as well.
  • Have a healthy routine – Your lifestyle and habits are important factors determining the probability of death risk that can increase the premium. So, if you follow a healthy routine with adequate exercise and a balanced diet, you can reduce the risk of getting affected due to a disease that can be fatal in the long term.
  • Calculate the life cover appropriately – The premium for your term policy will depend on the sum assured. Calculate the required sum assured based on your income and financial commitments. Get fixed to a cheap life cover if you have paid off your liabilities and have the support of other family members to manage your financial responsibilities. Purchase flexible term plans to customise it based on your increasing demands. For example, the Tata AIA term policy is an affordable plan that helps increase the sum assured based on increasing family and health financial commitments.


Purchasing a term insurance plan will secure your family’s financial future in your absence. In addition, a term policy can provide a higher sum assured at an affordable premium rate. You can purchase an even cheaper term policy by comparing different product solutions available in the market and choosing a longer policy term. You can also avoid the purchase of unnecessary riders, have a healthy routine and, most importantly, calculate the exact term plan cover. Once you have purchased the right term plan, you must pay the premium regularly to ascertain the benefits and maintain the consistent cheaper premium rate!


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