5 Secure Investment Options with High Returns in India

Investments that are secure and ensure high returns are preferred by different sections of people in India today! The reason is quite certain because of the unexpected frequent economic downturns, pandemic scenarios and other social and political conditions prevailing in the country.

So, here are five safe investments with high returns in India.

  1. Guaranteed return planLife insurance with guaranteed returns is an insurance product that provides dual benefits, life coverage and guaranteed returns. The life cover is the death benefit provided to your nominee in case of your unexpected death. And, the guaranteed returns will be available as a lump sum amount on maturity, regular income for a certain specific period or as a whole life income until death. You can make the choice of the maturity payout based on your income and financial commitments.

A guaranteed return insurance plan provides varied, flexible features to help you invest better. For instance, with the Tata AIA online insurance, you can pay the premium for a single or a limited period. You can ensure higher returns in the longer policy term when you plan and decide to invest in such a safe savings insurance plan early in life.

  • Fixed Deposits – Fixed deposit schemes introduced by the banking institutions are considered one of the safest investment options. In a fixed deposit scheme, you will deposit a fund for a specific tenure. The bank will provide the fund invested along with interest earned on maturity. Generally, the rate of interest in such an investment is higher compared to the regular savings account. Also, as the return is fixed and ensured, it is a preferred retirement solution in India. You can avail yourself of the liquidity and flexibility features provided by the bank based on your requirements.
  • Mutual Funds – If you are a person looking for market-linked returns and want your investments and returns to be extremely safe, mutual funds are a good choice. In a mutual fund, an asset management company will provide the choice of fund to invest in. It is safe because they provide the best and professional advice. Also, the investment is made to a fund by a pool of investors sharing the financial commitment to ensure high returns simultaneously. The fluctuating market conditions may impact your return that will correct itself in the long term.
  • Post Office Schemes – Post Office schemes in India ensure safe and higher returns when you plan to invest for a longer tenure, such as ten to fifteen years. Some of the funds may be invested in market-linked securities but are extremely low in risk. Here are a few post office schemes that provide higher returns in India:
    1. Public Provident Fund
    2. Senior Citizens Savings Scheme
    3. National Savings Certificate
    4. Post Office Monthly Income Scheme.

Based on your income and financial requirements, you can invest in such avenues monthly or annually.

  • Government Bonds – The Government of India issues the G – Secs or bonds to raise funds in public to cover up for the deficit in case of any new investments such as laying roads, building industries, etc. For individuals, it is a good investment to get high returns. There are two different types of bonds, namely the treasury bills and the dated securities. The treasury bills have a short bond tenure which is generally less than a year. On the other hand, dated securities extend to several years. The returns are guaranteed and higher in the longer term.


Safe investment to get high returns is a primary motive considering the uncertain global scenario. We have discussed some of the prominent options that can make savings and investments simple and extremely productive. And, if you are looking for an option to save and ensure life coverage simultaneously, then guaranteed return plans in India are an ideal choice.

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